Protective Packaging

Dynamic Pak takes a proactive role in custom designing protective trays, clamshells and containers. For example, one valued customer manufacturing highly delicate and expensive aftermarket aviation parts invited us to walk through their plant to see if we could suggest ways to reduce damage to these parts during the manufacturing and shipping stages.

Along with their engineers, Dynamic Pak identified areas where custom trays could protect items by separating items and firmly holding them in place through the various manufacturing steps. In addition to nearly eliminating parts damage, the trays also greatly increased the speed of the manufacturing process.

We also designed more efficient and protective packaging for shipping the parts. By taking the time to listen to our customer’s needs, we were able to design new packaging, make the required tooling and provide an effective solution. In addition, Dynamic Pak was able to provide this customer just-in-time delivery with the ability to fill their orders in a few days to mere hours.

Protecting our Environment / Made in the USA
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