Thermoform Trays

Dynamic Pak designs custom trays in virtually any configuration to meet your needs up to 30″ x 30″. Because we control the process from tooling to forming to shipping, we are able to offer our customers custom thermoformed trays on a just-in-time basis. Through tight inventory control in our plant, Dynamic Pak can fill orders in a few days to just hours.

Dynamic Pak specializes in designing snap-fit thermoformed trays for safely containing and shipping small parts and delicate pieces such as medical devices. We also manufacture protective cavity trays to assist in automated manufacturing processes.

Dynamic Pak has a long, successful history of just-in-time performance with its customers. By earning the confidence of our customers, we are able to closely partner with them to significantly reduce our customer’s inventory, saving them space and money. Most often, our customers must have any inventory reduction program pre-approved by their own clients. In the medical industry, this is no easy task. Our customers typically find that with Dynamic Pak, inventory reduction is quickly approved which speaks volumes about our process and operations.

Two examples of how the combination of our ability to control the design/build process for custom thermoforming trays and our just-in-time management process greatly benefits our customers:

  • One large customer is able to choose from a list of over 25 items each Monday and receive their full and complete order on Thursday each week—just three days later.
  • Another valued customer in the wireless connector business uses a wide array of thermoformed trays both internally and externally to protect expensive connector devices. Prior to working with Dynamic Pak, they were suffering a damage/scrap factor in excess of 8% on their expensive parts. Dynamic Pak worked closely with them to design and produce custom thermoformed trays for use throughout the manufacturing process, shipping and distribution. The results: damage effectively went from 8% to 1%.
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