We've worked with Dynamic Pak Thermoforming for our packaging for more than 20 years and over that time have never had a significant issue with quality or delivery. For us it comes down to service and I like that I can call Dynamic Pak, speak to a single contact and get immediate answers-no run-arounds and no getting transferred through layers of the company.

We've been very impressed that Dynamic Pak is willing and able to keep stock on hold for us. As we need it, a quick call to Mark and they bring it right over to us. We find that Dynamic Pak is just very easy to do business with.

Dynamic Pak's product quality is excellent. Any packaging for our clients is new packaging and often custom. It needs to be quality so the product display stands out visually. Typically, we turn to clamshell packaging, often specially designed. Dynamic Pak's custom design, tooling and production consistently provides the best packaging that perfectly fits our product.

I would tell anyone looking for a packaging partner to consider Dynamic Pak. We've dealt with them for a very long time with no issues and received outstanding service. When you call, they are right on top of it without any hassle.

Kevin B.

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