We demand the same high quality product and service from our suppliers that our clients demand from us. Dynamic Pak has been working closely with us for years providing thermoformed trays to meet our clients' needs. We find that Dynamic Pak is very easy to work and talk with. They've been incredibly flexible on meeting our clients' unpredictable quantity requirements and demanding delivery schedules. You can't put a price on that. I can pay more money and not get the service. Dynamic Pak always delivers exactly what we need which in-turn enables us to provide our clients best in class service.

Dynamic Pak's close proximity and responsiveness create an easy flowing process. They come out and we tell them what we need. They provide excellent input and ideas to make the packaging the best possible, do the design and prototype and come back with a solution. It's fast and easy.

I think there will always be some issues when making custom packaging, but when issues arise, Dynamic Pak is quick to make corrections and actively seek to perfect their process to avoid future issues. I appreciate that, like us, Dynamic Pak is a family owned, family run company. I don't have to go through 22 layers to get a solution to a problem. I call and speak directly to TM or Mark Coyne and we get immediate and positive response.

Dynamic Pak goes above and beyond to serve us. We recently had a major client request information about the thermoforming process. They were making an important presentation. I called TM at Dynamic Pak with the unusual request and they were able to put together a great presentation for our client in just three days. Our client was extremely pleased, reflecting positively on both us and Dynamic Pak.

Jumping through hoops, offering great flexibility in meeting unpredictable quantity requirements, and offering just in time inventory are just a few of the reasons we recommend Dynamic Pak Thermoforming.

Larry V.

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