Packaging is a critical component of our quality delivery system to our clients and anything less than perfect quality, any cutting of corners, reflects on my business. We chose Dynamic Pak Thermoforming to provide our custom packaging because from the start, they took an interest in our product, not just taking an order. Dynamic Pak has consistently shown an interest in my business's success.

Our product requires very tight tolerances and we were experiencing several quality issues with previous suppliers. We were very pleased when Dynamic Pak was able to take our packaging specifications and go beyond our expectations by offering suggestions to provide better solutions including types of material that would enhance our overall product delivery. Dynamic Pak solved all of the problems we were experiencing with our previous packaging provider, totally reversing a frustrating situation to our great sigh of relief!

Dynamic Pak is very easy to work with, very personable, and equally important, very responsive. Dynamic Pak quickly respond to emails and calls and any issues or requests are acted on immediately and with great follow-through. As we have added new products and specifications, Dynamic Pak has proven to remain as responsive and interested in our success as they were on day one.

I have been very impressed by Dynamic Pak's ability stock based on our needs, which sometimes are difficult to predict. They have almost been able to read our minds and have done a great job of anticipating our needs. While others we have worked with required three- to four-week lead times, a quick call to Mark at Dynamic Pak and they're on it, delivering in days. This has helped our business phenomenally.

We highly recommend Dynamic Pak when you're looking for someone to deliver more than just great packaging.

Phillip G.

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